If your physical facility is vulnerable, then your entire enterprise is susceptible.

Business Security

Break-ins, vandalism, industrial espionage, or unauthorized employee access can collapse an organization or endanger loved ones.

Suppose it is time to give yourself peace of mind. In that case, TSAChoice is thoroughly trained and qualified to plan, provide professional installation, and maintain sophisticated, customized security solutions, which include access control, video surveillance, and security alarm systems anywhere, from small businesses to sprawling industrial complexes.


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Solutions for Your Industry

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Business Security

We provide security system services for businesses of all sizes. 

Whether you need security cameras or a fully engineered system for a massive complex, we’ll keep your employees and your assets secure. Don’t put your future at risk. Be protected.

Access Control Systems

Securing your building is more important now than ever. As you’re probably aware, standard locks and keys do not make great commercial security systems these days. With an electronic access control system, you are able to easily manage who has access to where and when they have access there. You can monitor successful and attempted entries and easily disable an employee’s card if they leave your company for some reason.

TSAChoice provides the utmost security for your building or complex, with your business’s confidentiality in mind. Request a consultation with us to help determine the best way to secure your business.

Security systems

Surveillance System

Video Surveillance

With proper surveillance cameras and a great video surveillance system, you can see all places at once. This means increased security for your home or business and peace of mind with digital cameras, remote monitoring, and video recording options. Our experienced video surveillance technicians will help you design a surveillance system that is sure to improve the security of your employees, and equipment.

Commercial Intrusion Systems

For most industries, security alarm systems are not just an option but a necessity. They will save your company time and energy in protecting against intruders, and may even save a life. If your security alarm system is not up to date or has not been checked in some time, you should ensure that your employees and equipment are safe by installing an up-to-date system.

TSAChoice offers wired and wireless solutions consisting of door and window contacts, motion detectors, and more. . . plus 24-hour monitoring services.

Commercial Intrusion Systems


Integrated Security Solutions

TSAChoice’s integrated security system adds simplicity for businesses that require more than just door access control, video surveillance, or intrusion detection alone. As you continue to add these different technologies to your infrastructure, the more complicated it becomes for your end-users. With the TSAChoice turnkey integrated system, we remove the complication by providing one window for managing the system. With remote access, you can monitor from anywhere you happen to be, whether it is at your business, home, or from a mobile app.

Mass Notification System

A critical element for a safe and secure business premise or organizational campus is a practical and reliable mass notification system. Whether a situation is weather-related, a case of armed and dangerous individuals/terrorists, a breach in systems, or a health-threatening pandemic, the ability to alert the affected population via multiple communication channels saves lives. TSAChoice specializes in robust communication systems that are essential to emergency preparation plans. From identifying potential scenarios to customizing response plans, TSAChoice designs systems that alert everyone from an individual supervisor to an entire town with voice, email, and text notifications on multiple devices: mobile and land-based phones, radios, computers, and pagers.

Mass Notification

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