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TSAChoice understands that good communication is at the heart of every hotel.

And as a Mitel Advanced Hospitality Specialist, Hoteliers are granted peace of mind in knowing that TSAChoice is a Solution Partner that has the hospitality expertise and experience needed to provide a communications option designed to integrate flawlessly into their existing operations.

From the first interaction to check-out, TSAChoice’s hospitality technology solutions help you to provide the best guest experience possible.

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Solutions for Your Industry

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Hotel Concierge

It is more than just making your guests feel at home - it's about providing the next level of hospitality.

Are guests at your hotel or resort there to work, to relax, for a special event, or a combination? TSAChoice’s technology solutions enhance your guests' experience, no matter the purpose. Whether your property needs behind-the-scenes workflow management, in-room digital entertainment options, or a fast and secure Wifi network, TSAChoice offers technology solutions to support operations and meet your guests' every need.

Before Your Guest Arrives

Prior to check-in, your guests may contact you with various questions about reservation details, your location, special requests, event planning, local things to do, and more. We can work with you to make sure that those calls and emails between your front desk and your guests are handled efficiently to help make a good first impression. With call documentation, you can collect detailed information to pass along to other team members. You may even share an excellently handled call with your team as an example and use screen recordings to verify that team members are using online tools effectively.

Is Your Network Guest-Ready?

Make sure your IT network is ready for guests. TSAChoice can provide an assessment and make recommendations to keep your data network safe. And with the TSAChoice Complete IT plan, we can provide ongoing monitoring and management of all endpoints on your data network.

Enhanced Internal Communication Across Your Property

Let’s face it: some communication needs to stay behind the scenes to maintain the magic. Perception is reality, and you want your guests to feel good about choosing your property. Communication between guest services, room service, housekeeping, and maintenance is vital to providing an experience your customer won’t forget.

Manage staff workflow, assign immediate maintenance duties, and schedule preventative maintenance using a telephony interface, a computer, or a mobile app. This technology also allows staff to prioritize work, ensuring immediate needs are met to deliver top customer care again and again.

Guest Mobility

Provide your guests with a concierge in their pocket. Make sure your guest has all the information about your property and surrounding location that is normally contained in a welcome packet located in their room—right on their smart device. Provide guests the ability to view restaurant menus, book reservations, or even control in-room items such as blinds and lighting.

Luxury Rooms & Suites

Provide guests with a personal experience by providing a view of the city, relaxing music, or dimmed lights when they enter their room. With touch panels in the room, your guest can change their preferred settings throughout the day: draw the blinds, increase lighting, browse through services, and access other property information.

At Their Fingertips

Placing digital signage strategically around the property informs your guests of everything from the weather forecast to highlighting unique features of your location.

Some ways to use digital signage are:

  • a history lesson of the property or the area
  • a feature of your venue such as winemaking
  • local tour offerings
  • images of spa services and golf course, additional products on the property, rates, and availability
  • wildlife your guests may come across
  • upcoming events

Informational signage is only limited by your imagination and can provide a wealth of information to your visitors.

These signs may also be used to produce additional revenue through advertising for other local activities, festivals, and restaurants that may be of interest to potential patrons.

Manage Televisions across Your IP Network

Restaurants, bars, waiting areas, and rooms can add up to a lot of televisions. New hotels and properties going through an up-fit are now utilizing the same category of copper cable to provide the distribution path for TVs as they use for their data network, telephones, and security systems.

Meeting Spaces

Enhance your meeting spaces with easy-to-use technology that your visitors will appreciate by creating a bring-your-own-technology space that provides wireless and wired access for the event host. TSAChoice can help design and implement audio-visual solutions in your event space, conference, and meeting rooms. We design systems to fit the space: from basic rooms with a closed wireless speaker system, mic, projector, and screen, to a higher-end system that allows a host to manage their lighting, access, temperature, and even audio via a touchscreen.

Keeping Your Guests Safe

Video surveillance and door access play a vital role in keeping your guests and employees secure. From the pool, gym, and parking lot or deck to meeting rooms, elevators, and behind-the-scenes locations, we can help your security team do their job more efficiently using video monitoring and door access.


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