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TSAChoice helps health care companies to implement protocols and assist in defining tech-related procedures at medical and wellness facilities.


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Solutions for Your Industry

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Healthcare Technology

Your health and wellness organization has very specific needs, and TSAChoice can design healthcare technology solutions to accommodate them.

We partner with medical facilities to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, manage incoming patient phone calls, monitor door access, organize patient documentation and alerts, and more.

Network Management

In the medical environment, network management is of utmost importance, and precautions must be taken to protect patient information. Outsource your IT support to the TSAChoice Complete IT plan, and we can monitor and take steps to protect your PCs, servers, and other IT appliances.

Create a seamless environment for branch locations and remote workers to allow for flexibility within your network to share data and voice resources. Providing redundant and backup solutions between a branch and offsite locations helps to prepare for unexpected events such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and acts of violence.

Alerts and Notifications
  • Ensure staff, patients, and residents have all the information they need no matter when and how you choose to deliver it, whether it is by phone, chat, or email.
  • Notify patients in a timely manner of upcoming routine appointments, blood work, therapy sessions, and important health and wellness events.
  • Get to that waiting list more quickly. Missed appointments can mean lost revenue. When an appointment is canceled, immediately reschedule conflicts and get appointment replacements on the books.
  • When weather or other events beyond your control cause unexpected closures, get the word out quickly, alleviating any inconvenience to patients, residents, and staff.

Alerts and Notifications may also be used for:

  • Collection reminders
  • Event reminders for patients and family members, such as support classes
  • Reminders to patients to begin procedure preparation, such as fasting or colonoscopy prep
  • Notifications to patients of what to bring to an appointment
Waiting Rooms

Make the time go by faster by providing easily customizable digital signage in your waiting area.

Keep patients in the know:

  • Seasonal health alerts, e.g. flu shot availability
  • Services that your practice offers
  • Welcome new staff
  • Upcoming health events in the area
  • Patient testimonials

In-building WiFi has become the expectation for all businesses. Provide your patients with Internet access while they wait, while keeping your network secure.

Call Documentation

Patient Records
Sharing accurate information can be essential in the health industry. Know that your calls are being recorded and can be shared as needed to provide all the vital information for providing care to a patient. Not all patients require this extra level of care, but when they do, know that you are able to refer to their call records for all the details.

Medical Billing
Streamline your billing department by providing the tracking and historical reference needed to improve cash flow, eliminate errors in communication, and track the collections process. Recording telephone conversations with insurance companies, other providers, and patients provides the ability to easily access these conversations at any time.

Connecting to Patients
Maintaining a contact center to provide triage calls or telemedicine support helps medical practices provide patients with exceptional service and higher quality care. Through the contact center, medically trained professionals on your team — especially those working on standby — can receive messages through a variety of methods, easily staying connected to maintain support. And patients can communicate with their staff via phone, webchat, email, or even text, escalating to video as needed.

Through quality management tools, additional training can be provided for new and existing agents. Pulling recorded examples of successful calls to share with staff can prove invaluable when providing coaching as you strive to consistently improve patient support.

All facets of your practice or health/wellness organization can take advantage of the benefits of contact centers:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Nurse Triage
  • Telemedicine
  • Insurance
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Outgoing contact teams such as sales
Patient, Staff, and Equipment Safety

Medical and Health facilities have unique requirements when it comes to protecting patients and staff. The very nature of the medical industry calls for extra precautions for patients and staff due to the access to medication, needles, and biohazard waste. Facilities contain everything from special scanning equipment to physical therapy equipment.

These circumstances call for additional safety measures:

  • Monitoring and pulling reporting staff access to pharmacy, pain clinic, medical records, and data rooms
  • Controlling auto-locked doors using an application or desktop computer
  • Auto-locking rooms with high-end exercise and testing equipment such as MRI
  • Easily adding or removing access as needed for disgruntled employees, lost access cards, or staff responsibility changes

Integrated security systems provide security officers and administrators the interface to get a complete picture of what is happening in a building or area. View and administer video, alarms, and electronic door access all from one interface. This instant access saves precious time when determining the next safety and security steps.

Video placement in parking areas, the entrances of rooms containing equipment, prescription drug storage, and currency — as well as elevators and stairwells — provide insight into mayhem in your building, dissuade would-be wrongdoers, and assist in dealing with other unexpected mishaps.

Burglar Alarms monitored by offsite staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week can make all the difference in providing quick deployment in the case administrators are unavailable or offsite.

With electronic door access, you always know who has the right of entry to your building, and you can change that access quickly. Furthermore, you can protect specific locations within your building by installing this same technology.

Video Distribution

The ability to distribute video has become increasingly important. Video entertainment is used to provide a comfortable space in our patient areas, waiting facilities, cafeterias, and breakrooms. Videos can be used for relaying information about an upcoming procedure or important follow-up steps. Video games are even used in therapeutic sessions to help those with physical and mental therapies.

Utilizing the same Ethernet cable infrastructure that you use for your data network, TSAChoice can provide scalable solutions for the distribution of IPTV or videos. Structured cabling for this type of distribution provides several benefits:

  • You can quickly troubleshoot and rule out any issues that may occur over this type of infrastructure.
  • Following the same concept as your IT network, televisions can easily be changed from one room to another by an adjustment of a patch cord in your data room.
  • It gives you the ability to power from a central source.
  • It can be more cost-effective than using a traditional Coax cable.
Meeting and Learning Spaces

Depending on your needs, TSAChoice has options to outfit group areas with audio balancing. Training facilities, labs, and workout and physical therapy areas are perfect locations for audio balancing technology, providing the ability for everyone to hear more clearly.

Installing audio balancing in group meeting spaces, such as large conference rooms or auditoriums, simplifies the user experience by taking the soundboard knobs and slide bars out of the picture. This provides a solution that any presenter can take advantage of: simply walk to the front of the room and speak at a normal volume, and be projected evenly throughout the room.

Sharing visual presentations is just as easy: Whether sharing from a mobile device or a laptop, your teacher, therapist, trainer or speaker has the capability to wirelessly share whatever is on their device of choice with the touch of a few buttons.

TSA Choice offers free technology consults to see how we can best partner with your health care company or medical facility to improve technology services.


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