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TSAChoice's solutions ensure that your manufacturing facility is running at optimal levels by keeping technology current and providing efficiency in all operations.


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Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Manufacturing Solutions

Get Connected

The infrastructure needs of manufacturing facilities are so different from any other business; the size of the building, the construction material, and the requirement to be mobile create technical challenges.

Creating the best solution usually requires multiple methods of connectivity within the building itself. A combination of fiber backbone with horizontal copper category cable, WiFi connectivity, and possibly the addition of enhancing the cell phone signal within the building may all be required to create a viable solution for these dynamic atmospheres.

From connecting your telephones and computers to your data network, to a multitude of wireless devices such as inventory scanners, barcode readers, and Windows Machines on sizeable mobile equipment such as forklifts, calls for an experienced team of technical engineers that can lay out a plan that is going to work for your facility.

Get to the Right People at the Right Time

TSAChoice Communication systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud, can be customized based on the way your business operates.

Oftentimes in the manufacturing industry, decisions need to be made at a moment’s notice, and large facilities can present communication gaps. Sometimes just locating the right person can be challenging. Make sure key employees are connected by setting up their mobile devices as an extension of the phone system.

For loud areas, TSAChoice can provide strobe lights to assist with alerting teams that a call is coming through, and ringing over paging systems can provide additional volume.

For those times that call for paging announcements, TSAChoice can set up all-call and zone paging systems to communicate with the specific areas that need to be alerted, whether that’s the whole facility or a single zone within a facility.

Keep Teammates in the Know

Provide your team with visuals strategically placed throughout your facility. Monitors placed on your network can provide live line statistics, compliance and safety information, directories, and more. TSAChoice can set up digital signage across your network and provide a simple interface for administrators to be able to quickly adjust information as required.

TSAChoice can set up a system to help you get the word out choose the methods that make the most sense for your teams and clients, whether it be text, email, a desktop alert, paging, or a phone call. These systems can be automated to readily alert your team in case of an emergency, such as a spill or an external threat, while at the same time establishing an emergency command conference of the people needed for the emergency call. Employees can be notified quickly of situations such as weather closures or team meetings, and the system can be used for reminders from human resources. And for clients that are slow-to-pay, you can set up automated reminders to notify of past-due invoices, freeing up valuable accounting resources to complete other tasks.

Protect Employees, Data, and Assets

Using our IT and Low Voltage divisions, TSAChoice can help protect all aspects of your business, from the data network to the team, to your facility.

Protecting Company and Employee Data

TSAChoice’s Managed Service Plan allows us to either be your IT team or to support an already existing IT team. We can review current processes to protect your network, establish disaster recovery procedures, and evaluate other data processes, making recommendations as needed for adjustments. TSAChoice can monitor your data endpoints and many times fix issues before you are even alerted of the issue.

Protecting Lives and Assets

Managing multiple systems for security, TSAChoice can install an integrated security system that provides one view to your door access, monitoring, and burglary alarms. Integrating your security systems not only provides the ability to administer your systems from one interface, but it also makes it less confusing and easier to use for your end-users.

Know which parts of your building are being accessed, and by whom. Door access can be installed to provide entrance to your building, as well as allow privileged access to locations like labs, your data equipment room, and inventory. Make on-the-fly changes for new hires, and change responsibility roles for employees that are leaving the business. TSAChoice can also help with customized badging solutions to provide your team with one badge that meets the needs of multiple uses, such as door access and time clock check-in.

Provide a more secure area in and around your building. Using IP security cameras can help you get a clear picture of incidents, keep an eye on parking areas, and help to hinder would-be thieves.

Commercial alarm systems can entail many different facets to protect your business from intruders. They are usually a combination of window contacts, door contacts, motion sensors, and more, depending on what needs to be protected. TSAChoice can also provide 24-hour monitoring services to make sure that when an alarm is triggered, it is addressed as soon as possible.

TSA Choice offers free technology consults to see how we can best partner with your manufacturing or industrial facility to improve technology services.


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