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TSAChoice provides education technology solutions that facilitate safety, increase efficiency, and help your school, university, or training spaces to be successful in creating an environment that enhances learning potential.


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Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Technology In Education

Designing classrooms for future generations requires ensuring the technology is in place to support educational goals and creative thinking skills. TSAChoice works with our partners to stay on the cutting edge of campus security, classroom communication, and creative thinking.

Data Network and Support

Make sure your network is ready for the endpoint devices that your education IT network requires. TSAChoice can complete an assessment to identify any locations that may cause problems, and make suggestions and enhancements to ensure your IT infrastructure can support everything necessary for your data network.

Going one step further, TSAChoice can keep an eye on your network by providing day-to-day monitoring and maintenance through our Complete IT plan. Choose TSAChoice as a proactive partner who can assist with upcoming projects, handle many service issues before you ever know they are a problem, and keep your team up-to-date on equipment and server software that may require updating.

Protecting the data network from attacks while still providing the full access that instructors and students require can be challenging. TSAChoice can put protective measures into place to help secure classrooms, campuses, and multi-campus environments, including anti-virus software, secured wireless, email filtering, threat management, and SSL-VPN solutions.

Getting the Word Out

Whether it’s an unexpected closure, a campus event, or a life-safety situation, make sure students, teachers, parents, and professors get all the information they need. Via mass notification, you can access people with their device of choice using a phone call, chat message, email, digital signage, and at the PC— or a combination of everything.

Kiosk areas set up around campus can also alert students to room changes, game day information, awards and accolades, upcoming events, and directory information, including maps, facilities, restaurants, and more.

Safety in the Classroom and on Campus

Help security and law enforcement keep students safe and discourage theft and vandalism with security cameras and surveillance equipment in parking areas, dorms, classrooms, hallways, and labs.

Give your staff the tools they need to keep students safe in the classroom by enabling them to send a discreet alert to campus security that assistance is requested. You can also provide the additional ability to hear what is happening, assess the situation, and send help.

Increase Student and Instructor Success in the Classroom

Equip teachers with solutions in their classrooms that support communication, access, and success.

With TSAChoice’s audio solutions, teachers may speak at an average volume level, using the technology to amplify and balance their voice throughout the classroom and labs.

Classes can also be recorded and shared to reference by students, teachers, and parents alike. Keep students involved in their studies — even when they miss classes for sports, extended illness, and other absences — by providing access to their missed classes online. Teachers can also review courses led by teachers who seem to be experiencing better success and learn from their peers’ teaching processes. And parents and at-home support for students can review classes and references when helping with classroom homework.

Classrooms can also be equipped with technology that allows teachers and students to walk into the classroom with their devices of choice, and wirelessly share their presentation material. This cuts down on setup and teardown time, which enables your classroom to get down to business quickly and efficiently.

Auditoriums, Event Spaces, and Higher Education Classrooms

Spaces beyond the regular classroom environment require superior audio-visual and easy-to-use technology, larger screens, projectors, and a simple way to connect bring-your-own-devices. Let TSAChoice create the solution you need based on the use and needs of each learning space.

Unified Communications

Whether it be a cloud voice solution or a premise-based phone system, TSAChoice can provide a unified communications solution for your educational facility.

These systems can be set up for satisfying a wide range of needs – from supplying essential calling functionality to providing incoming and outgoing call groups for fundraisers, recruitment, security, and other triage areas on campus.

One helpful aspect of unified communications is determining availability at-a-glance, with several options for accessibility. You can use secure chat to get in touch with those hard-to-reach teachers, and if needed, the chat can quickly escalate to a collaboration session. Teachers can use the flexibility of collaboration sessions to replace face-to-face parent meetings and have these meetings when they are most needed.

These systems also keep teachers connected even when they have studied outside the classroom. With our mobility solutions, we can utilize a cellphone for an extension or provide an on/off button functionality to transfer calls dynamically to a mobile device, home phone, or any other dial-able location. Access to a voicemail from the extension, email, or an app on the cellphone grants the ability to check messages from anywhere.

DID (direct inward dialing) numbers are virtual numbers that allow you to route calls, enabling you to direct the call directly to information needed by staff and parents. In this way, you can offer an absentee/tardy telephone number where messages can be left and picked up at the convenience of the front office staff. A dedicated phone number can even be an easy fix to communicate information such as weekly announcements, sporting event schedules, changes to the school calendar, and so on.

Our unified communication systems also provide additional security benefits, including e911 alerts, paging, malicious call tagging, and emergency meet-me-conference.

TSA Choice offers free technology consults to see how we can best partner with your educational facility to improve technology services.


Purchasing Programs for Education

The education sector has programs in place to assist with various technology solutions.
E-rate is a program utilized for K-12 and libraries. While it is currently undergoing significant changes in funding sources, it still provides an excellent resource for education funding.

Sourcewell, previously known as the National Joint Power Alliance (NJPA), provides an alternative to utilizing a formal request for proposal (RFP) process and provides options for alternative funding. They have already completed the rigorous and time-consuming requirements for an RFP and provide another resource for discounted voice projects and ongoing additional hardware and software.

With over 60 skilled professionals, we provide our partners with a unique breadth of services.

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