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To remain competitive, your company's technology needs to be reliable, flexible, and innovative, tailored to the way you do business, and ready to grow as your organization grows. TSAChoice has installed more communication and tech systems than any other company in the region, and thousands of organizations count on us to give them the right solution and the best support.

  • For more than 35 years, TSAChoice has installed and supported companies, from small business telephone systems to full enterprise solutions.
  • From the consultant you work with to the technician and the trainer, your TSAChoice team consistently studies and completes certifications throughout the year.
  • We sell, support, and install VoIP phone systems across the United States.

Solutions for Your Industry

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Our Solutions

Our knowledgeable staff will recommend the best solutions to meet your business goals and technology needs by reviewing items such as:

  • Are you looking for an operating expense solution versus a capital expense?
  • How is your phone system tied to your business continuity or disaster recovery plan?
  • Do you have multiple locations or teams that work remotely?
  • What experience do you want your customer to have when they reach out to you?

With over 60 skilled professionals, we provide our partners with a unique breadth of services. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has the entire cybersecurity community on high alert.

In response to the ongoing tensions in Europe, The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) has implemented a program called Shields Up to provide businesses with guidance on hardening their cybersecurity posture. 

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TSAChoice offers the best Managed IT Services

TSAChoice is the Southeast's leader in IT consulting, designing, installing, managing, and maintaining systems both large and small. Let us show you how we can be your preferred technology partner for every technical problem and IT solution.

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Strengthen your Organization's Security

Our managed cybersecurity services take care of the day-to-day protection and response tasks so you can focus on business operations and development.

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3 Keys to Improve Hybrid Office Work

Complexities abound when shifting from the remote workforce of 2020 to the new hybrid work that will dominate 2022 and beyond. But it won’t be so difficult if you keep three key principles in mind. 

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Your Partner in Technology Solutions

With over 60 skilled professionals, we provide our partners with a unique breadth of solutions. 



TSAChoice provides technology solutions that facilitate safety, increase efficiency, and help your school, university, and training spaces to be successful in creating an environment that increases learning potential.

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Stay compliant with HIPAA regulations, manage incoming patient phone calls, monitor door access, and more. TSAChoice can help to implement protocols and assist in defining tech-related procedures at your medical facility.

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Make sure your facility is running at optimal levels by bringing in TSAChoice as your Manufacturing Technology integrator.

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From small municipalities to large governments, TSAChoice provides technology solutions that deliver organizational efficiency, documentation, and emergency support.

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Together with TSAChoice, ArmorPoint provides security-conscious organizations with the people, processes, and technology needed to reduce the risks of doing business in today’s high-stakes threat climate.


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