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Based in Western, NC and Upstate, SC, TSAChoice has been serving the Southeast as a leading technology partner for more than 35 years. 

With over 60 skilled professionals, TSAChoice is committed to supporting and evolving businesses through its mission to fulfill the promise of technology. TSAChoice offers a unique breadth of services, including cloud enablement, voice systems, IT managed services, structured cabling, business continuity, disaster recovery, building security, software development, reporting and analytics, and contact center management. 


Solutions for Your Industry

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

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Our Core Beliefs

  1. We believe that long-term, happy customers are created by providing great products through trained, caring employees and by meeting every commitment that we make to them.
  2. We believe that satisfying a customer is more important than making a profit, but we also understand the importance of our company being profitable.
  3. We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and that their character, attitude, and work ethic will determine our success.
  4. We believe that employees must grow and develop through their own initiative and the company is committed to supporting them in their efforts.
  5. We believe that a positive and respectful attitude towards customers and fellow employees is essential and expected of all.
  6. We believe that our careful attention to detail makes us stronger and provides a consistent and structured work environment.
  7. We believe in honesty, integrity, fairness, and a commitment to excellence.
  8. We believe in teamwork with all employees communicating and working together for the benefit of our customers.
  9. We believe in wholesome professional competition and in always striving to be a winner.
  10. We believe that when good people work hard — good things happen.

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Our Purpose:
To help businesses and organizations succeed by fulfilling the promises of technology.

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