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From a small municipality to a large government, TSAChoice provides technology solutions that deliver organization efficiency, documentation, and emergency support.


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Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Our solutions include:

Technology in Government

TSAChoice helps public agencies plan, design, and implement solutions for IT, voice, low-voltage, security, and audio-visual needs.

We recognize the unique aspects of working with government facilities, from the importance of protecting people, data, and facilities, to supporting remote locations throughout the county, city, or state—all while sharing central location data network resources.

Detailed, Transparent Information

Government entities are responsible for gathering and documenting unfathomable amounts of information. Call recording and documentation provide an additional level of transparency, assist with billing disputes, provide better records for child protective services, and reduce liability. Recorded calls may be used to train new employees, to confirm that callers are treated with courtesy and respect, and to reference and learn from during emergencies.

Team Communication
  • For quick, reliable communication—from internal projects to securing large events—Mitel Unified Communications platforms and our cloud solutions provide us the ability to customize the way your teams communicate.
  • These platforms help organize basic day-to-day secure chat applications, availability, and one-touch calling while providing a single location for comprehensive project management, document sharing, task assignments, and more. We can provide solutions throughout your team’s environment that fit the scope of each department.
  • For efficiently handling emergency situations, E911 alerts can be set up for specific phone locations, malicious call tagging, and emergency meet-me conference calls.
  • This system also works with two-way radio users, who can easily communicate with other users via the telephone system. Correctional facilities and any level of emergency response can be set up with direct communication to and from the telephone system, providing easy access to internal team members and the ability to make a phone call utilizing the telephone system capabilities.
  • Contact centers will help teams provide a better customer experience. For agencies such as DSS, the board of elections, and the tax office, contact centers offer the tools to communicate via voice, webchat, email, and include special features such as callback from a queue, which allows a caller to retain their position and receive a call back when their place in the queue is reached.
Training Facilities and Meeting Spaces

Health, risk assessment, emergency preparedness, community meetings, customer service, work ethics, conference meetings, board meetings, and more: we can help design, plan, and implement the technology for whatever type of meeting space you need.

Centrally manage and schedule these spaces to prevent double bookings. At-a-glance, real-time digital conference schedules are posted at each room’s entrance to provide organization and enable impromptu meetings. You can also install smart gear to allow a space to shut itself down when not in use and provide easy-to-use interfaces for connecting smart devices, mobile, PCs, and Macs.

Getting Information Out Quickly

When time is of the essence, get the word out quickly with mass notification systems. Impromptu, triggered, and scheduled messages can be set up to alert telephone numbers with voice or text messages, send emergency notifications to PC monitors, and send messages across paging systems, while simultaneously setting up an emergency command conference.

Also, use mass notification for everyday purposes:

  • tax collection reminders
  • appointment alerts for DSS, court appearances, permits appointments
  • updates and alerts concerning garbage pickup, water usage, road issues
  • weather alerts
  • employee alerts, reminders, and information
  • health alerts

Having a digital signage network throughout your facility makes it easy to post updates and changes to information across your network. Applications include:

  • Lobby directories
  • Seasonal information – tax time, voting, health awareness, parks, and facilities information
  • Court schedules and locations
  • Special event information
Emergency Operation Center

Let TSAChoice assist with the cable design, video walls, audio, network, and voice to create a space for exceptional communication among emergency response members.

On-Going Data Network Support

When it comes to the best way to manage government information technology services, every administrative office is different. Some prefer to hire their own IT staff and don’t mind the problems of hiring, training, and managing these specialized employees. Other local governments prefer outsourcing their IT work so they can concentrate on their core administrative responsibilities. Some use a hybrid mix of outsourced technicians and a small internal staff.

TSAChoice’s Complete IT (CIT) program provides solutions for different scenarios—whether it is managing your day-to-day network operations, being involved in assistance as needed or monitoring all your devices.

TSAChoice can provide a full assessment of your network, make recommendations, and implement network security, data recovery solutions, processes, and other enhancements for your IT network.

Government Safety and Security

When it comes to government work and processes, emotions can run high. Keep your team safe by implementing an integrated security system. TSAChoice can install a complete system that is easy to manage and provides ease of use for government employees.

In many cases, TSAChoice can provide this ease of management utilizing your legacy equipment, removing the need for a full uplift of existing security equipment.

TSA Choice offers free technology consults to see how we can best partner with your government agency or public facility to improve technology services.

Sourcewell for Government Agencies

What do you need to buy, and how are you going to purchase it?

If you are a purchasing agent, these are two questions that consistently arise. At TSAChoice, we work with our vendors to determine you are getting any government pricing and programs that are available through our vendors.  Also, if you are a Sourcewell member, you may be able to source your purchase without going through a painful request for proposal (RFP) process.

We can also discuss alternative funding solutions that will help you stretch your budget and satisfy the requirements of government agencies.

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