Moses Franklin

Moses Franklin

Chief Barking Officer

Adam Brannon Adam Brannon

Adam Brannon


Dan Higgins Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins

VP of Operations

Becky Ballenger Becky Ballenger

Becky Ballenger

VP of Sales

Jonathan Brooks Jonathan Brooks

Jonathan Brooks

Director of Administration

Adrienne Franklin Adrienne Franklin

Adrienne Franklin

Technology Consultant

Anthony Knight Anthony Knight

Anthony Knight

Senior Technology Consultant

Shane Davis Shane Davis

Shane Davis

Technology Consultant

Tammie Wilson Tammie Wilson

Tammie Wilson

Technology Consultant

Adam Reitz Adam Reitz

Adam Reitz

Technology Consultant

Bill Keehan Bill Keehan

Bill Keehan

Managed Services Sales Engineer

Paul Robinson Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Managed Services Sales Engineer

Nathan Marcho Nathan Marcho

Nathan Marcho

Managed Services Sales Engineer

Christopher Holland Christopher Holland

Christopher Holland

Practice Manager, Infrastructure

Donna Buckner Donna Buckner

Donna Buckner

Managed Services Team Lead

Damien Milburn Damien Milburn

Damien Milburn

Managed Services Team Lead

Dharmesh Patel Dharmesh Patel

Dharmesh Patel

IT Project Engineer

Marlon Mesa Marlon Mesa

Marlon Mesa

IT Engineer

Jalen Arlington Jalen Arlington

Jalen Arlington

IT Engineer

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson


Alecia Knight Alecia Knight

Alecia Knight

Project Director, Managed Services

Hunter Knight Hunter Knight

Hunter Knight

Project Coordinator

Laura Isaacs Laura Isaacs

Laura Isaacs

Project Coordinator

Kimberly Edney Kimberly Edney

Kimberly Edney

Accounting Analyst

Stacey Ball Stacey Ball

Stacey Ball

Warehouse Manager

Steven Clark Steven Clark

Steven Clark

Purchasing Manager

George Collins George Collins

George Collins

Project Manager

Randy Collins Randy Collins

Randy Collins

Low Voltage Sales Engineer

Tim Hestermann

Tim Hestermann

Sr Systems Engineer, Low Voltage

Jeff Clark Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark

Low Voltage Systems Sales Engineer

Randy King Randy King

Randy King

Low Voltage Foreman

Michael Smith Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Low Voltage Foreman

Alan Lockhart Alan Lockhart

Alan Lockhart

Low Voltage Foreman

Jason Gutierrez Jason Gutierrez

Jason Gutierrez

Low Voltage Systems Tech

Mitchell Monteith Mitchell Monteith

Mitchell Monteith

Low Voltage Construction Technician

Michael Harmon

Michael Harmon

Sr Systems Engineer, Managed Services

Chris Deweese

Chris Deweese

UC Team Lead

Michael Riddle

Michael Riddle

UC Project Engineer

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TSAChoice provides technology solutions that facilitate safety, increase efficiency, and help your school, university, and training spaces to be successful in creating an environment that increases learning potential.

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Stay compliant with HIPAA regulations, manage incoming patient phone calls, monitor door access, and more. TSAChoice can help to implement protocols and assist in defining tech-related procedures at your medical facility.

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Make sure your facility is running at optimal levels by bringing in TSAChoice as your Manufacturing Technology integrator.

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From small municipalities to large governments, TSAChoice provides technology solutions that deliver organizational efficiency, documentation, and emergency support.

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Together with TSAChoice, ArmorPoint provides security-conscious organizations with the people, processes, and technology needed to reduce the risks of doing business in today’s high-stakes threat climate.


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With over 60 skilled professionals, we provide our partners with a unique breadth of services.

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Busting Four Popular Cybersecurity Myths For Cybersecurity Awareness Month

With so much noise about cybersecurity out there, it can be challenging to distinguish between myth and fact.

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Windows Server 2012 Reaching End-of-Life 2023

On October 10th, 2023, Microsoft will stop supporting the operating system's patch and security updates, exposing any business still running this system to significant security risks and technical issues that could lead to serious downtime.

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How to Find the Right IT Service Provider for Your Business

When looking for outsourced IT support, it’s crucial to remember not all IT service providers are the same. You need to find one that understands your specific needs and can offer you the best possible service. Learn what questions to ask—and what to avoid.

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