Increase efficiency and drive innovation through the power of custom software and cloud integration

Custom Development Solutions

Don't let off-the-shelf or legacy software restrict growth. Let your technology work for you.

TSAChoice's team of experienced software developers is passionate about building software solutions that solve business problems. With their expertise, you can develop custom systems that are built to integrate with native cloud solutions, enabling efficiency and cost savings.  

We believe in helping businesses leverage their existing technology investments to maximize value. If other partners have told you that you need to rebuild your legacy system or you find yourself in one or more of the situations below let's chat.

  1. One person with all the knowledge about your systems
  2. Senior staff nearing retirement
  3. Expensive, long response cycle, or communication challenges with offshore partners
  4. No one understands the systems anymore.
  5. Performance problems for systems with no owner.
  6. Struggling to staff for legacy platforms.

Contact us today to discuss your software and legacy code needs and our consultants can provide recommendations and support to enhance your applications and processes. 

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Custom Development Solutions
Our experienced developers will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Explore our information technology services:
  • System Design Consultation & Implementation
  • Integration to eliminate manual data entry
  • Development Support agreement with predictable cost
  • Migration from a legacy on-prem system to a cloud solution
  • Database and Application Performance Review
  • Third-party code review
  • Enhanced Reporting functionality


Is your business currently supported by one or more of the following technologies? If so, we can offer solutions to help document your internal processes and make necessary recommendations that are fully customizable to fit your goals and budget. Our dedicated developers provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your business modernized and competitive.

  • .Net Framework including applications:, C#, ASP.Net, MVC, Webforms, and .Net Core.
  • SQL Server
  • Python
  • BizTalk
  • VB6
  • Classic ASP
  • Visual Fox Pro
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Domo
  • Power BI
  • Azure DevOps

As companies grow, their technology often gets left behind, limiting scalability and productivity.

The good news? With a small investment in automation and integration, you can accelerate your business and drive serious ROI.

Automation may be the answer you're looking for if:

  • You have staff copying data from one system to another manually.
  • You print heaps of paper to operate your business.
  • Have invested heavily in a system that is either slow or doesn’t give you all the reporting or efficiency you want.

When automating and integrating custom software and cloud solutions, our team isn't only looking at your internal processes; they're also considering your online presence. If your online presence is out of date, nonexistent or inconsistent with your brand; if you don't have the staff to manage or update your online presence; or if your presence isn't sophisticated enough to attract and transact business, it could be hurting your brand value.

Case Studies

Internal Automation and Integration Projects

  • Created an integration between a new SaaS-based ticket system and legacy client-server billing system that prevented the double entry of engineer time
  • Automated a manual commissions process between and our ERP system to enable more timely and accurate reporting while removing the need for days of manual work each month
  • Created operational reports across multiple ERP objects to enhance our internal processes around quality control, inventory management, and project management

Customer facing Software

  • Developed an all-new front-end process including multiple new filtering capabilities for a company’s SaaS-based healthcare reporting product
  • Created an application for a large manufacturing customer to process EDI files into easily ingestible CSV formatted files at a fraction of the cost of a commercial off-the-shelf solution
  • Developed a multi-tenant hotel booking and informational site that allows for new properties to be created declaratively while appearing to be unique sites through branding up to and including the vanity URL

Integration Projects

  • Assisted a customer with implementing and integrating their legacy systems with Five9 and to provide service agents with a single pane of glass to access information and provide service to members
  • Built custom integrations with a large resort management company’s legacy client-server Property Management System that allowed them to connect directly to two different prominent SaaS-based Channel Managers while simultaneously avoiding licensing and transactional fees for integration software
  • Developed a platform to ingest and process government CMS data monthly into customers' proprietary reporting database
  • Created an application to ingest business data (including electronic invoice and payment data) that integrates directly into customer’s ERP system, ensuring speed and accuracy in posting transactions

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