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TSAChoice Announces Strategic Partnership with ArmorPoint

January 5, 2022
TSAChoice Announces Strategic Partnership with ArmorPoint

ArmorPoint and TSAChoice are pleased to announce their newly formed strategic partnership that combines TSAChoice’s industry-leading cybersecurity services with ArmorPoint’s best-in-class managed cybersecurity solution.

With the cyber threat landscape only becoming more complex with each passing day, organizations are seeking security solutions that will protect their business-critical assets from malicious actors; however, many struggle to keep up with the operational challenges that come with ongoing threat management. The TSAChoice-ArmorPoint partnership brings together deep skills in technology strategy, product ideation, and operations to support businesses’ most complex security needs.

“The TSAChoice-ArmorPoint partnership is a powerful combination. TSAChoice’s extensive expertise compliments ArmorPoint’s mission to simplify cybersecurity management once and for all,” says David Trapp, CEO of ArmorPoint parent company, Trapp Technology.

“Together with TSAChoice, ArmorPoint provides security-conscious organizations with the people, processes, and technology needed to reduce the risks of doing business in today’s high-stakes threat climate. We aim to be a trusted technology partner throughout the southeast and we are excited to present a cybersecurity offering that will greatly improve our customer’s cybersecurity posture,” says Adam Brannon, President of TSAChoice.

Through the ArmorPoint Partner Program, IT providers like TSAChoice are equipped with the tools and resources they need to offer managed cybersecurity services. With attractive margins for resellers and available side-by-side lead generation support, MSPs that join the ArmorPoint Partner Program can uncover new revenue opportunities and deliver greater value to new and existing clients alike.

About ArmorPoint
ArmorPoint is a managed cybersecurity solution that combines the three pillars of a robust cybersecurity program — people, processes, and technology – into a single solution. Designed by cybersecurity experts, ArmorPoint’s cloud-hosted SIEM technology and extended detection and response capabilities enable businesses to implement a highly-effective, scalable cybersecurity program. With customizable pricing available, every ArmorPoint plan offers a dynamic level of managed security services that support the risk management initiatives of all companies, regardless of available budget, talent, or time. ArmorPoint is developed and powered by Trapp Technology, a Phoenix-based IT managed services provider. To learn more about ArmorPoint, please visit

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