Accessibility and communication amongst your team – anytime, anywhere – are key tools for today’s professionals.

Mobility, Teleworking, and Hot Desking

Mobility, Teleworking, and Hot Desking Solutions

Mobility is easily the number one priority for today’s workforce and central to business productivity. Your staff is on the go – working just down the hall, to a customer site, out of the country, a remote office, home, and back again. Your team’s remote communication needs can vary between requiring a full-featured desk phone, a softphone, a mobile phone, or a combination of these. Remote working solutions from TSAChoice keep all members of your workforce connected through one phone number, one message box, and with all office communication features extending to their mobile device of choice. Choose from a range of IP solutions to suit your geographic and technology preferences.

What we can offer you:

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Explore additional Audio/Visual or Remote Working Solutions:

Mobility with Remote Workers

What does this mean for your business? 

While obvious benefits include accessibility, increased productivity, and reduction of redundant office space, there are a few other intangible benefits. According to WeWork, a commercial real estate company focused on reimagining the workplace, the flexibility and convenience of hot desking are linked to increased employee innovation and often encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. Essentially, hot-desking frees employees from the restriction of one desk and fosters efficiency, community, creativity, and adaptability to further drive success.

TSAChoice has been helping businesses with mobility solutions, telecommuting technology, and hot-desking systems for years. From discerning what your exact business needs are to installing and integrating your new system into your existing one, our team of experts can help you evolve your office into an innovative and effective mobile system. 


With one phone number and one mailbox, your staff can make and receive calls from any phone or mobile device, from any location in the world—without having to sacrifice any of the features that an office phone has to offer. Ensure that no call is missed by providing a dynamic extension for cellphones or other mobile devices. Providing the ability not only for the smart device to ring when the employee desk phone rings but also allowing for other features like call transfer and conferencing.

Working From Home

Teammates requiring full functionality from their telephones such as contact center agents and management, provide them with a robust IP telephone that fits their needs. Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and handsets allow them to make the most of their at-home workspace. Secure your network using the MiVoice Border Gateway, providing a reliable and secure infrastructure for mobility.

Hot Desking

Just as our teleworking and telecommuting systems provide the tools that allow your employees to continue working from wherever they are in the world, our hot desking solutions allow employees to continue working from wherever they are in the office. When it comes to streamlining the mobility of your business operations, hot desking options are just as important as remote-working capabilities. With our hot desking solutions, desks can be used on an ad hoc basis, allowing multiple employees to use the same desk at different times.

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