Gain Access to the Dark Web. Protect Against Credential Compromise.

Why monitoring for exposed credentials is important

While there is always a risk that attackers will compromise a company's systems through advanced attacks, most data breaches exploit common vectors such as known vulnerabilities, unpatched systems, and unaware employees. 

With dark web monitoring, your organization's information is searched for and tracked on dark web markets, alerting you to compromise as it happens.

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Are your company's users credentials on the dark web?

Criminals who know how to penetrate a company's defenses can easily steal hundreds or even thousands of credentials at a time, creating risks for your business - and vulnerabilities you may not be aware of until it's too late.

Through compromised credentials, an attacker can:

  • Send Spam from Compromised Email Accounts
  • Deface Web Properties and Host Malicious Content
  • Install Malware on Compromised Systems
  • Compromise Other Accounts Using the Same Credentials
  • Exfiltrate Sensitive Data (Data Breach)
  • Identity Theft

But what if you could uncover your compromised credentials in dark web markets, allowing you to act before the attacker? As an ID Agent Partner, TSAChoice can now transfer control of this valuable information over to you.

Phishing. Watering Holes. Malvertising. Web Attacks. These are just a few examples of how cybercriminals are penetrating company defenses.

And once your sensitive data has been breached, the attacker's options are limitless. Which is why implementing a dark web monitoring program into your suite of cybersecurity tools is a crucial preventative tool against credential compromise.

Through Dark Web ID, TSAChoice offers its partners comprehensive data about their company's user credentials found on the dark web. This valuable information has the power to stop cybercriminals from gaining access to your privileged information and accounts, even after they have been compromised.

Get a clearer picture of your security posture as well as a valuable early warning system for potential pitfalls for your business from credential compromise; gain an edge in securing your systems and data.

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