Omnichannel contact centers are the wave of the future.

Contact Centers

Delivering consistent messaging and an excellent customer experience is a goal most businesses strive to obtain.

Omnichannel contact centers allow you to help provide that consistency while allowing your customers to reach out to you by their preferred communication method. Provide your client with the flexibility to contact you via email, telephone, video chat, text chat, then pull the data from these calls to continue to improve that customer experience.

Whether you’re operating a call center and need new equipment or your business needs a well-developed solution for customer support, our team of experienced telephony experts will help you develop a new strategy, revise an existing system or update your business with new software and technology. The possibilities may be endless — but we’ll help find the right solution for you.

What we can offer you:

Our experienced team will partner with you to find the right combination of services to meet your organization's needs. Explore additional Audio/Visual or Remote Working Solutions:

Contact Center Solutions

Contact center solutions offered by TSAChoice include:

  • Omnichannel contact routing and reporting
  • Contact recording
  • Quality monitoring
  • Workforce management
  • Self-service IVR

Let’s face it: In the digital age, it’s all about customer experience — and customers have more options (and preferences) than ever when it comes to getting in touch. A company’s ability to quickly and efficiently address issues creates a loyal network of customers, and allowing them to communicate at their convenience across multiple channels and devices (from telephone to email to SMS) maintains that loyalty to your brand.

TSAChoice offers both premise-based and hosted contact center solutions.
Features for Customers

Customers can engage with your company on their terms, using the channel and device of their preference. And, because agents are provided a view of the customer’s omnichannel journey, it eliminates the frustrating need for customers to “start over” every time they get in touch. Other features include:

  • Automatic routing of email, fax, social media, webchat, and SMS for a superior customer experience
  • Feature-rich webchat across all devices (on all browsers across PC, mobile, and tablet) for customer flexibility
  • Estimated wait times for all media and queues so customers can make informed decisions about how to contact your business
  • Convenient, automated self-service capabilities for routine customer interactions
  • Webchat support for screen reading applications (JAWS and NDVA) to support visually impaired users
  • Support for nontraditional, third-party open media types like WebRTC video, social media messaging, and Internet of Things alarming for proactive customer service
Features for Agents

Seamless integration with customer relationship management systems allows agents to access historical customer data as contacts arrive, so agents are aware of the customer’s journey and are better equipped to quickly resolve issues or inquiries. Other features include:

  • Unified desktop client for handling all media types
  • Pushing and pulling of customer inquiries from multimedia queues and skills-based multimedia routing
  • Response templates for faster, consistent customer engagement
  • Contact list and CRM integrations to ensure easy identification of the customer
  • Case management to assign individual interactions to cases and better understand the omnichannel customer journey
  • Seamless escalation from a voice or digital media interaction to another media type while retaining context
  • Flag cases for a follow-up to ensure no customer is forgotten
  • Handle native media like voice, email, chat, and SMS, along with third-party open media like WebRTC video, IoT alarms, and social media messaging from a single interface
Features for Supervisors

Supervisors can stay in the loop with tools designed specifically to increase productivity, such as the enhanced ability to see and manage who is available to answer calls and how queues are performing. Supervisors can be alerted via a pop-up, ringtone, or email when service levels are low or if contacts have been waiting too long to be serviced. Other features include:

  • Easy-to-use, sophisticated real-time and historical reporting capabilities, including native support for Windows 8 tablets and other tablet devices via VMware View
  • Customizable thresholds for real-time alarming and alerts
  • Historical report scheduling and distribution
  • Easily identify cases waiting for customer/agent follow-up
  • Understand all of the individual interactions that make up a case, from initial inquiry to resolution
Features for Administrators
  • A visual, drag-and-drop user interface for multimedia routing, including auto-responses for self-service
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Gmail (using Google Apps for Business), and IBM Notes
  • Tight-knit integration with Mitel products like MiVoice Business, MiVoice Office 400, MiVoice 5000 and MiCollab
  • Standalone, non-voice digital media-only support
  • Integration with third-party social media monitoring solutions such as BizVu Social, Trackur and Imooty

Not only can we help keep things flowing smoothly for customers, but we also streamline the process for contact center employees — allowing agents to handle cross-platform customer inquiries all in one place. Using a web-based interface, agents can field messages, access customer data, flag cases for follow-up, and seamlessly navigate between interactions — all on a single platform. Our contact center solutions are simple to install and easy to operate — and have been proven effective across business sectors, from healthcare to retail, education to finance, hospitality to government.

Contact TSAChoice today to learn more about the call center software and the customer service technology we’ve created for businesses of all sizes. We would be happy to help you create a call center solution that will meet the needs of your employees and your customers.

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Contact Center Solutions

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