Could your business afford to be down for 24 hours?

Imagine suffering from a ransomware attack, a system meltdown, or the destruction of a critical server during the busiest season of the year. Do you have a plan to get your business back up and running in minutes?

With complete business continuity-disaster recovery (BCDR) coverage in place, all business-critical elements of your business are proactively protected, backed up, and 100% recoverable—allowing you to recover quickly with minimal data and money loss.

A comprehensive BCDR plan will incorporate:
• Coverage across a wide range of business assets
• Policy-based management
• Data reduction and global deduplication
• Cloud provider and support/integration with hyperscale clouds
• Full Protection Solution (all-in-one)—reduce risks via fewer touchpoints (attack-surface)

To help you understand the topic in depth, we've created a comprehensive checklist, which you can get by downloading below.

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