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Hosted VoIP / Virtual PBX / Cloud-Based Phones

Wondering about all the hype around cloud-based phones? Is a cloud-based system really different from a premise-based system? Want to learn more about cloud technology, but prefer to have a local company to be there for you if you have problems? Talk to TSAChoice. Because we sell both cloud-based and premise-based systems, you can count on our representatives to give you straightforward, unbiased facts.

Choose where your phone number rings - at your office, on your mobile, even a hotel phone - or a combo of those in a defined order. Move calls seamlessly from your mobile phone to your desk phone mid-conversation. Receive your voice mail messages via email when you're on the go. And maintain your office number even if the power goes out.

For Hosted VoIP,  Virtual PBX, and Cloud Based Phone solutions, TSAChoice offers a hosted communications service designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses. Our feature-rich solution delivered over a high-speed internet connection reaches beyond a basic phone with traditional calling features to a complete unified messaging solution across devices, offering unification of voice and e-mail on top of call management and extensive calling features that can be managed from anywhere.

With hosted VoIP solutions, there is no purchase of expensive hardware or upgrade costs. No equipment to maintain or troubleshoot. An affordable monthly fee includes phone options in addition to a wide range of extensive features and functionality, once available only to Fortune 500s.

• Cost effectiveness: there are no equipment or maintenance costs; affordable monthly rates get you advanced business solutions that can grow with you.
• Easy to use: online portal offers ease of managing extensive features from anywhere
• Feature-rich: extensive features and advanced functionality make this a critical business tool that increases productivity
• Flexible: hosted solution enables seamless management of phone system across locations and ability to work from wherever needed
• Scalable: solution easily grows to support your changing needs

Hosted communications services are all-inclusive, cloud based, telephony offerings that are priced on a per-user subscription basis and eliminate the need to buy and maintain a phone system on your premise. For a monthly, per-user subscription fee, experience a full-featured, cost-effective, and reliable business communications solution.

Want to learn more about cloud-based phone systems?
Have a TSAChoice representative contact me.

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