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Service and Support Plans

TSAChoice has a variety of support agreements to meet our customers' varied needs.  Whether you prefer our Technology Assurance Program (TAP) -- a managed service plan that lets you avoid the necessity of purchasing your business technology, our Comprehensive Service Agreement-the flagship support product for telephone systems, or Complete IT-a solution where TSAChoice can become your IT department-we have a support plan for you.  In addition, we have a Block Time Agreement which provides discounted hourly rates to customers willing to purchase their service hours in advance.

Technology Assurance Program Learn more

The goal of our managed services program is to provide full support of your company's communications needs in the future as well as today. We offer you access to a comprehensive service and support program called the Technology Assurance Program (TAP). When you purchase or lease communications equipment, you assume the risks and responsibilities associated with ownership and operation of that system. TAP considers all the costs associated with the operation of your communications system and protects you from the risks and uncertainties associated with ownership and management of advanced technology. Outsource your telecommunications to TAP and focus your attention on your business, secure in the knowledge your requirements for an effective telecommunications system are being met, both now and in the future.

Comprehensive Service Agreement - Voice Systems Learn more

TSAChoice's flagship telephone support system offers:

  • Flat rate agreement that covers all parts, labor, and travel necessary to fully maintain your system.
  • Free system back-ups, software patches, and telephone support.
  • No charge for troubleshooting affiliated Telephone Company, Cable Company, or Internet Service Provider problems.
  • Guaranteed 2-hour emergency response time.
  • Entitles customers to a discount on all TSAChoice services including Telephone, Computer repairs, IT services, structured wiring, and Audio-Visual.
  • Pricing depends on amount of equipment to be covered and your location.  Free estimates are gladly provided.
  • Monthly billing is available for contracts over $1,000 per year.

Complete IT - Computers & Networking Learn more

The best solution to managing your network may also be the least expensive. TSAChoice's Complete IT plan offers your organization a solution that gives you complete control over both the quality and the cost of your IT support. Your Complete IT Plan is tailored specifically to meet your organization’s technical requirements and your budget. Your fixed monthly rate will give you 24/7 access to the most highly-trained technicians who will monitor, manage, and maintain your network, and keep everything safe and secure. You’ll be able to focus on your organizational goals and objectives because you’ll have a comprehensive IT partner protecting your network and data.

Block Time Agreements Learn More

A block time agreement is the best service plan for any customer who doesn't want a full-service plan, but is willing to purchase a block of hours in order to receive substantial discounts off normal Time and Material Rates.

  • Agreement covers any necessary labor costs for any required TSAChoice services.
  • Prepaid hourly agreement offering customers discounts off our normal Time and Material rates
  • The more hours you contract for-the lower your rate.
  • Minimum contract of 20 hours.
  • Rates may vary depending on the technical level of services required.
  • No time expiration limit on hours.
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