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Service and Support Plans

TSAChoice has a variety of support agreements to meet our customers' needs.  Whether you prefer our Technology Assurance Program (TAP) -- a managed service plan that lets you avoid the necessity of purchasing your business technology, our Comprehensive Service Agreement-the flagship support product for telephone and security systems, or Complete IT-a flat-rate solution where TSAChoice takes full responsibility for managing your IT department-we have a support plan for you.  In addition, we have a Block Amount Agreement which provides discounted hourly rates to customers willing to pay for their services in advance.

Technology Assurance Program Learn more

TAP is a turnkey program that includes all equipment and support costs associated with your network and/or voice systems. It provides an easy way to manage your technology budget and allows the payments to be treated as an operational expense without all the typical ownership concerns.

Comprehensive Service Agreement - Voice and Security Systems Learn more

TSAChoice's Comprehensive Service Agreement is a flat rate plan to cover all parts, labor and travel necessary to maintain your telephone or security system. Free system back-ups, software patches, telephone support and a 2 hour emergency response guarantee are included to make sure your business phone system is running worry free.

Complete IT - Computers & Networking Learn more

The TSAChoice Complete IT plan offers a solution that provides control over both the scope and the cost of your IT support.  Our Gold and Silver Complete IT plans are tailored specifically to meet your organization's technical requirements and your budget.  Your fixed monthly rate will give you 24/7 access to the highly trained technicians who will monitor, manage, maintain and keep things safe and secure on your network.  This plan leaves you to focus on your organizational goals and objectives because you will have an experienced IT partner protecting your network and data.

Block Amount Agreements Learn More

The Block Amount Agreement is for customers who prefer to pay for their service on an as-needed basis, but also desire great rates.  TSAChoice's Block Amount Agreement provides customers discounted hourly rates in return for prepaying the agreement in advance. The larger the prepayment amount--the larger the discount.

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