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IT Services in Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC

You don't have to be told how much your organization relies on your electronic data and the technology that manages and stores it. Information Technology is more than your personal computer; it’s the entire way you do business—from servers and personal machines to the phones and mobile devices you carry all day. Having a reliable IT specialist is essential.

You need more than an IT company that you call when something breaks. You need managed IT services which manage your entire system daily. From internal emails to private client files to the most sensitive financial matters, your data is perhaps your most valuable asset. Having that asset managed regularly with care and precision is vital. It should be handled and protected with the reliability and security it deserves.

TSAChoice is the Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC leader in designing, installing, managing and maintaining systems both large and small. And, not only are we one of the leading managed IT service companies in the area, we can become YOUR IT company—your one stop shop for every technical problem and solution.

Don't let your organization's data become vulnerable. Be ready. Be next.

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Virtual Cloud ServersLearn More

An effective alternative to maintaining an IT infrastructure within your business is the virtualization of your server. Virtual servers offer security and stability in a highly managed environment, increasing efficiencies in IT operations by reducing costs in technical support, training and maintenance. Nightly server back-up and daily monitoring ensure that you have the IT infrastructure and support that you need in a faster and more secure environment.

System Design Consultation & Implementation Learn more

Your business is dependent on the information technology delivered by your computers and networks, and the specific requirements of your organization are unique. Rely on a team of experienced system engineers from TSAChoice to design and implement voice and data systems to meet and exceed your IT requirements. TSAChoice works directly with business owners, IT Managers, and start-ups -- from those with a single office to organizations with multiple locations -- to design and implement the right IT system.

Data Recovery & Business Continuity Learn more

If your main business server crashed today and all your data was lost-do you have a plan for what you would do next? Do you have a plan for data recovery? Your dependence on your organization's computers and networks has never been greater than it is now. While your reliance on your IT system has increased, so have your risks in the event of a disruption or failure. TSAChoice ensures that its IT clients are protected with data backup and business continuity systems to minimize expensive down time. In the event of a system failure, you can trust that you can recover from any disruption of IT services, no matter how severe.

Managed IT ServicesLearn more

Ensure system stability and eliminate downtime costs for the greatest efficiency in your day-to-day operations. TSAChoice offers remote monitoring and support of its clients' IT systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year-- with a single point of contact for all network needs.TSAChoice's Managed IT Services includes system monitoring, help desk, remote access, and on-site visits to keep your systems working for you. Decrease your staff time spent on day-to-day maintenance of systems, applications, routers, switches, hubs, and more with TSAChoice's Managed IT Services bundle.

Computer Network Monitoring Learn more

Stay focused on your primary line of business and let TSAChoice manage the important task of continuously monitoring your computer network. TSAChoice receives notice when a client's key server is in trouble and responds immediately-correcting the problem without the customer ever knowing anything has happened. TSAChoice's remote monitoring service enables TSAChoice technicians to monitor your network and equipment without being onsite and to respond to critical issues as they arise. Remote computer network monitoring reduces your costs and helps prevent outages.

Unified Exchange Email Solutions Learn more

A Unified Communications solution protects your extensive email communications, provides your users the best overall email experience, and can even lower your messaging costs. TSAChoice can equip your business with either an in-house setup such as Microsoft Exchange 2010, or, ideal for small businesses, a hosted exchange solution. Either way, you'll reap the benefits of a unified exchange: integrated protection and archiving, email continuity and seamless transition, and synchronized backup of your users' email.

Communications Servers Learn more

From entry-level servers for small businesses to enterprise-class servers that can handle resource intensive applications such as Unified Exchange Email, SQL databases, terminal services for remote users or for application deployment, TSAChoice provides open, flexible, communications-focused servers to meet your ever-evolving business technology needs.Using top-of-the-line components, TSAChoice's certified engineers custom build and install standards-based computing systems that operate as a carrier-grade platform for a wide range of communications applications and allows for added equipment at many levels of the system architecture.

Virtualization Learn more

Let TSAChoice address the elephant in your IT room: data center environments are becoming more complex and heterogeneous, with correspondingly higher management costs. Virtualization is the key to cost-effective utilization of IT infrastructure, through the standardization of data center elements that need to be managed. With virtual memory, through VMware, computer software gains access to more memory than is physically installed, via the background swapping of data to disk storage. Likewise, VMware virtualization techniques can be applied to other IT infrastructure layers - including networks, storage, laptop or server hardware, operating systems and applications.

Shared Storage Learn more

One of the most critical ongoing concerns of your IT department is the careful care and storage of your data, the life-blood of your network. TSAChoice helps you consider and choose the best of several options: direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage (NAS) or a storage area network (SAN). Shared storage allows for data resource consolidation, enables virtualized high availability and eliminates the risk of a failed storage resource. TSAChoice works with SAN industry leaders Dell and EMC to seamlessly integrate, manage, and optimize storage in VMware and Hyper-V environments.

Core and Edge Networking Learn more

Today's business and voice applications require more secure, reliable, and higher quality network infrastructures than ever before. Long-established edge network paradigms of traffic patterns, network planning, and IP capacity assumptions have changed forever. TSAChoice is the region's go-to source for innovative networking solutions that help organizations deliver robust, next-generation services and media experiences anywhere, anytime. Core networking solutions deliver service, flexibility, and scalability for business and consumer services on your local area network while edge networking solutions secure and optimize internet connectivity.

Wifi Network Solutions Learn more

Provide seamless, secure wireless access for your entire organization, plus guests to your facility. When correctly designed, enterprise level and small business wireless solutions can simultaneously deliver secure internal wireless networking and guest access on the same infrastructure. Delight your visitors with a "Yes!" to their query about ready wireless access. Deliver smooth, seamless voice and video traffic over Wifi and reduce your cabling and switching footprint.Optimized roaming capabilities allow employees, or a barcode scanner or other device, to move freely without losing connection between access points in larger facilities.

Software Licensing and Management Learn more

If the software police audited your system today, could you prove that all your software is licensed and legal? Avoid the tedious, manual tasks of maintaining an accurate software inventory and accompanying licenses. TSAChoice can help you achieve and maintain software compliance through automated software license management. TSAChoice's systems fully integrate software inventory, compliance and license management -- which benefits your business through improved IT governance, correlation of software products throughout the organization, and reduced costs for license procurement, use rights and software purchases.

Antivirus and Spam Filtering Learn more

Experience hassle-free web security. Protect your employees and your business from the nuisance, risk, and wasted time due to viruses and Spam. TSAChoice offers three levels of protection: client-based applications for individual workstations, gateway protection, and network level protection for SPAM and virus scanning before they ever make it to your network. TSAChoice recommends an integrated approach, implementing and managing protection at all three levels.

Workstation, Desktop, and Laptop Computers Learn more

For powerful and reliable workstations, desktops, laptops and the peripherals for all manner of applications -- from computing leaders such as Dell and Lenovo, utilize TSAChoice to source these at a lower cost than you can buy yourself and then engineer them for your configuration. Thinking outside the box? TSAChoice also custom designs and builds desktop and workstation systems per your specifications.

Computer Repair and Maintenance Learn more

On-site at your business, or at our Asheville in-house computer service center, TSAChoice's A+ Certified Technicians repair computers with the protection of your applications and data their number one goal. Known throughout the region for handy "bench" service, TSAChoice in Asheville has affordable carry-in repair for businesses and individuals, 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Software Problem? TSAChoice also troubleshoots and remedies issues with the specialized software applications used in a multitude of industries.

Virus Removal Learn more

TSAChoice's network services include virus and spyware removal from infected workstations. Our expert technicians have tremendous depth and length of experience in this area. Beyond the standard fix of simply running off-the-shelf removal applications, TSAChoice's experts manually inspect the computer, manually remove and repair infected files -- all while protecting your data with careful backup and restore procedures.

Regulatory Compliance Learn more

No matter your sector, public or private, or your particular industry, a host of recent security and technology regulations has created a new reality for anyone who manages data. Protection of confidential data (from health records to financial transactions), compliance with the new regulations, and preparation for IT audits by regulatory agencies are all part of the "new normal" in corporate policy. TSAChoice provides the tools to manage these new demands on your IT department -- from validating that your systems are configured correctly to minimize the risk of a data breach, to providing proof of system compliance. Avoid a high-profile data loss that can threaten your reputation, your customer base, and avoid fines for non-compliance.

Data Mobility Learn more

Smart phones are smart for business. TSAChoice integrates the mobile devices of staff members to work, within your network. Wireless e-mail synchronization offers users instant access to e-mail, collaboration, and scheduling tools, increasing business productivity by keeping the workforce connected while on the go. Choose from leading wireless e-mail and synchronization solutions such as BlackBerry 5.0 & 6.0, Android, iPhone Hosted Exchange, and Microsoft ActiveSync.

Cloud Computing Learn more

If your server goes down, how long is too long before you have it up and running again? If your phone system goes out, how will your team regain what is lost? TSAChoice can eliminate the uncertainty and risk of premise-based systems with cloud computing solutions customized for the particular needs of your business.

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