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Audiovisual (A / V) Tech

In today's noisy infosphere, you need to give your audiences-customers, employees, stakeholders, the media-more than just basic data. You need to impress, educate, motivate and dazzle. Smart, flexible audio-visual tools are crucial to organizational storytelling. TSAChoice can equip your conference room, training center, teleconferencing suite or auditorium with fully-integrated audiovisual (A/V) equipment and presentation systems. We're also the region's leader in residential automation, energy-management, security and home-theater systems. You've got stories to tell and people waiting to hear them. Be amazing. Be next.

Commercial Audio-Visual Presentation Rooms

State-of-the-art technology for:

•    Conference Rooms and Training Rooms
•    Operation Centers
•    Smart Classrooms, Lecture Halls, and Auditoriums
•    Video Conferencing Suites

    TSAChoice provides:

    •  Integrated A/V Solutions
    •     Video Conferencing Systems

    •     Remote Access Services
    •     Digital Signage

    TSAChoice's A/V Conference Rooms

    Integrated A/V Technology Systems
    Learn More

    Corporate, medical, education, and government clients turn to TSAChoice for the complete upfitting and outfitting of their audio-visual presentation rooms. Whether your existing building is being upgraded or a new one is being built from scratch, TSAChoice handles the initial design services, pre-installs the wiring, provides the A/V equipment, and then integrates everything into an easy-to-use, monitored touch-screen control system. TSAChoice’s systems employ the latest digital standards for high definition video, and crisp, effective audio. TSAChoice also provides comprehensive training so that your trained staff can walk in the room and deliver an effective presentation minus the fuss and delay of connecting and testing remotes and cables.

    Click here for more information about A/V Conference Room upgrades.

    Video Conferencing Systems Learn More

    In today’s economy, video conferencing units have proven to be number one for return on investment for organizations with multiple locations and/or personnel that are on the go.  By instantly connecting companies to their employees and clients over stunning HD video, meetings become less expensive and more productive. TSAChoice systems also allow users to record high definition video and store it for viewing later in a web-based “YouTube” format.  Managers, trainers, educators, salespeople, and more can record presentations and distribute them with the click of a mouse.

    Remote Access Services Learn More

    Have you noticed that almost everything can be hooked up to the internet these days?  The same is true for A/V equipment, and organizations have found real value by utilizing TSAChoice’s remote access services. Education and corporate campuses can log their equipment into a centralized network, allowing IT to monitor and control equipment and classroom and conference rooms.  From one location, presentations can be turned on and off, email alerts can prompt users when projector bulbs need changing, and remote trouble-shooting put educators and other presenters back on track. Even at home, owners adjust their thermostats, cameras, security, lighting, even sprinklers from a secure website, or from their iPhone or other smart phone, saving energy and providing peace of mind.

    Digital Signage Learn More

    Inform, educate, and entertain.  All are possible via digital signage systems which allow people to see and hear your message throughout your facility or campus.  Most common is the digital signage found in airports, which give up-to-the-minute updates on arrivals and departures on colorful LCD displays, but is also found on roadways, in stadiums, and in hospitals. Digital signage networks allow users to instantly update information, RSS and TV feeds, and on-site production information and transmit it to displays, personal devices, desktops, and web pages with the push of a button.

    Home Theaters and Smart Home Automation Learn More

    TSAChoice installs home theaters systems as well as smart home automation, energy management and security systems for residences.  TSAChoice can integrate devices throughout the home into one easy-to-use, centralized system.  Homeowners can control lights, thermostats, security devices and audio-visual equipment from a touch panel, from a website, or from their iPads and smart phones.  It is, in essence, a universal remote for your family’s comfort, safety, and entertainment.

    • Home Theater Systems and Multi-Zone Audio Systems
    • Lighting Control
    • Home Automation & Smart Home Systems
    • Intercom and Home Telephone Systems
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